Saturday, March 30, 2013

Space Bound

SKIN: .: Vive Nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

HAIR: [elikatira] / Away / [Edited Color] 

LIPSTICK: .:Glamorize:. / Nibble Lips (Vibrant & Vampy) / Chocolate - part of 10-pack!

NAILS*Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TOP: R.icielli / Long Sleeve Loose Shirt / Beige#Pink - previous TDR Fusion item!

BOTTOMSOverhigh. / Barachiel Shorts  / Gray - NEW!!!

SHOES: Razor/// / Fatale Heels - HUD-driven! Available NOW at the Whore Couture Fair!

SHADES: .::Pure Poison::. / Rockin Mesh Spiked Sunglasses / Fuschia

EARRINGS: Maubray / Triangle Earrings / Silver - previous store freebie!

NECKLACE: .:LpOca:. / Necklace Cross

RINGS: Maxi Gossamer / Fez

CLUTCH:  Le Poppycock / Petit Sac / Crescendo - gatcha item at Shop Free*Style, 25L per play!

-no wow-; Model Poses


RAZOR///: These shoes are HUD-driven, offering 14 shoe and 26 nail color presets. You can also select and save five skin tones! And the cost is wonderful; they cost only 129L! WCF, I believe, ends tomorrow, so you'll need to grab these pretty quickly!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Could Spend the Night

SKIN: .:LoOmi:. / Kristel / Wheat - Available NOW at Skin Fair 2013, SIM 2! (Sim 1 | Sim 2) - Thank you, LoOmi!

EYES: IKON / Ardent Eyes / Brown - NEW at The Boutique! - Thank you, IKON!

HAIR: ::Exile:: / Part of Me / Swiss [Dark Browns pack]

EYE MAKEUP: .:Glamorize:. / Drama Black Eye Makeup / Black/Purple - part of eight-pack!

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

BLAZER with TOP: *Ninia* / My Rocker Blazer / Striped - previous fi*Fridays item! [*]

SHORTS: !(::::HighRize:::) / 2 Tone Blk & Wht Shorts - Available NOW at fi*Fridays!

LEGGINGS: xbordeaux / Hungry Hearts Tights - inside of "Very Important Free Stuff" box here!

SHOES: (Elate!) / Kate Flats / Cobalt

NECKLACE: [glow] studio / Snakish Necklace / Silver - previous FLF item!

BRACELET and RING (Left): ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. / Shiny Cross Bracelet and Ring

RING (Right): edge grafica / 32 square-ring - FREE on the MP!

BAG: (fashionably dead) / Heart Bag / Black - Available NOW at Collabor88!

label motion and (pda)


There's no inworld store for Ninia. However, I contacted the owner and she said that those interested in purchasing the blazer could send her an IM (if online) or a notecard (if offline)!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Never to Fade

SKIN: Essences / Clover / Moonlight - Available NOW at Skin Fair 2013! (Sim 1 | Sim 2)

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: (Chemistry) / Lyric / Coffee [Browns pack] - beanie comes in 10 colors!

LIPSTICK: Dead Apples / Matte / Grape

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TATTOO: :Little Pricks: / Fairy Tales are Full of Shit - Lucky Board!

TOP: Eaters Coma / Slashed Top / Navy

PANTS: .:villena:. / Leggings / Stripes

SHOES: :FANATIK: / Pumps with Spikes / Leopard - free to group members (100L group join fee)!

BRACELET: ...:::SCRUB:::... / Paz - subscribo gift!

RING (Left): Remarkable Oblivion / Bitch Ring / Chrome

RING (Right): :.LpOca:. / Moustache Set - only 1L on the MP!

BAG: lazybones / Buffalo Bag / Red/Silver

label motion and (pda)


FANATIK: These pumps come with a HUD that allows you to change the spikes to either gold, as shown, or silver. And the 100L group join fee will allow you to take more than just these pumps. There's an awesome pencil skirt and an equally wonderful party dress. Not only that, being a part of the group grants you 10% store credit with each purchase. It's not a bad fee AT ALL. I've seen 1,000L group join fees that didn't promise as much quality group gifts - and products in general -  as does FANATIK. While you're there to join the group, take a look around! Kendra Zaurak, creator/owner of FANATIK, does not only create fashion; she also makes builds and furniture! In fact, she created the building that houses her fashion designs! If you notice, this storefront is used by SO many other designers. You'll see it everywhere inworld!

VILLENA: I know you're probably sick of these leggings by now. But... I have them in several colors - at least five. And they fit perfectly. And they go with EVERYTHING. I can't help myself. They are not too highly priced, either - 200L a color!

Friday, March 22, 2013


SKIN: LoOmi / Piper / Walnut - Available NOW at Skin Fair 2013! (Sim 1 | Sim 2)

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIRMiss C. / Hazal / Cocoa [Brown pack]

HAIRBASE: Amacci / Ebony - FREE!

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

DRESS: Overhigh. / Pamela Dress / Brown - NEW!!!

SHOES: [whatever] / CG Spikes / Silver - SL Fashion Week group gift (group FREE to join)

EARRINGS: .::Pure Poison::. / Greek Earrings - "Gold Greek Accessories Set" includes earrings, collar and cuffs; available NOW at FFL2013!

RINGS: [MANDALA] / Polly Ring / Mink

BAG: (fashionably dead) / Heart Purse / Brown - Available NOW at Collabor88!

label motion; MARUKIN and (pda)


I tried to get you a direct SLurl to LoOmi at the Skin Fair, but there's a forced landing point. LoOmi is on Sim 2! Her booth won't be hard to find; the SF2013 is pretty well organized. Plus, I suppose it's a good thing you'll have to pass the creations of several other awesome skin designers to get to THIS awesome one.

I'm wearing Piper in Walnut. There's four tones for her, with Walnut being the darkest. The other three are Soft, Naturel and Wheat. Each tone is 999L and includes five skins (with five different makeups), a copyable and modifiable shape and cleavage (on undershirt and tattoo layers). You can buy several skins in the 900-1000L range (and even more) that do NOT include a C/M shape, so methinks it's a sweet deal.

I did not mess around with my shape to get those glorious eyebags; they are drawn on the skin! Who would ever think, "YES, GIVE ME EYEBAGS"? It works here. And the lips are so plump and shaped. Kissable! Chewable! :P LoOmi's skins are really unique; you'll know a LoOmi skin when you see it!

I think that the skins at SF2013 constitute her mainstore's inventory so far. You'll find six others at SF2013. I'm sure you will love them all! 

There's another closeup of the Piper skin to entice you. (Methinks you can click on it to see a bigger version).

And here's a few of the other LoOmi skins offered at SF2013 - all 999L; all come in Soft, Naturel and Wheat; and all tones include the same thing (five skins, shape and cleavage). 

OVERHIGH: This dress comes WITH the jacket. The colors available are gray, brown, creme, blue, red, yellow and pink. Each color costs 300L!

WHATEVER: These shoes are a group gift at both the [whatever] mainstore and SL Fashion Week. If you're not already part of the mainstore group, you'll have to pay 450L to join it. The SL Fashion Week group is free to join. So you can pay 450L (for these booties and maybe three other gifts) at the mainstore or 0L (for the booties and a bow ring) at SL Fashion Week.

FASHION FOR LIFE: For some reason, I have not been able to get into FFL2013 since yesterday. Maybe it's just on my end? I'm not sure, but when I can get there, I'll update the direct SLurl to Pure Poison. For now, I've provided the link to the mainstore. I'm not sure if it's still going on, but there was a 49L sale on all pre-2013 items. It might be worth it to drop by the mainstore!

LABEL MOTION: The owner of Label Motion recently moved to a new country, so her MP and in-world stores are all gone, methinks. It's only temporary, though. :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


SKIN: Essences / Clover / Moonlight 05 - Available NOW at Skin Fair 2013! (Sim 1 | Sim 2)

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: TRUTH / Tenille (2) / [Edited Color]

LIPSTICK: .:Glamorize:. / Nibble Lips (Vibrant & Vampy Pack) / Silver

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TOP: :::Sn@tch / Taylor Loose Tee / White

BOTTOMS: RaMa RoWanberry / Drift Cutout Shorts / Black

LEGGINGS: Izzie's / High Waisted Tights (Colors) /  Navy

SHOES: * deeR/ Mnemosyne Boots [Multi-Texture]

NECKLACE: LeLutka / Celoe / .erare.secrets.necklace - group gift!

BRACELET (Right): Cute Poison / Dee Bracelet / Blue

RING (Left): :FANATIK: / Bad Girl Ring / Steel

-no wow-; MARUKIN and (pda)


So much to tell you!

ESSENCES: Clover is Essences' contribution to the Skin Fair 2013. I'm wearing the darkest tone available, which is moonlight, but I'm also wearing the skin burner to which I referred in the last entry. (Buy it at Tuli Skins for only 1L). I'm dark-skinned in RL, so I prefer to wear dark skins in SL.


As you can see, it's a pretty lovely skin! It comes in five tones: Pale Dust, Midday, Light Rose, Beach, Sunkissed, Sunset, Sunheat and Moonlight, from lightest to darkest. Each tone has five makeup versions, which cost 1500L. Inside of your pack, you'll find four skins, each with a different brow color (blonde, brunette, brown and ginger), cleavages (on undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers), five cheek contour blushes (light brown, light peach, light pink, middle peach and middle pink), an eyebrow shaper and alpha lashes. Add-ons offered include appliers (for 250L), tattoo eyelashes (for 150L), eyeshadows (for 300L), and eyebrow removal sets (for 275L). She sells the copyable and modifiable shape for Clover for 650L. 

I always recognize an Essences skin. They are usually very pretty, sleek and clean; this one's no exception!

Make sure to read the Essences blog for new releases, offerings at other events (such as TDR Fusion, The Whore Couture Fair, among many others) and other Essences stuffs.

Also, I edit the colors of my hair a lot. I don't know why. I just like to modify things, for some reason - even things that don't need modification. There's just something about hitting "Edit" and messing around with the color box. Why, yes. I'm a freak. :P

GLAMORIZE: Glamorize is great. First, they make all sorts of makeups - eye makeup, lipsticks, full makeups and face paint. Secondly, I've found that the makeups go really well with my dark skins. I have some lipsticks in the ol' inventory that are quite light around the edges. I don't have that issue with Glamorize! And finally, the prices are INSANE! INSANE, do you hear me??? If you see a pack with 10 lipsticks inside, you might pay 10L, as I did for this Nibble lipstick pack. Or you might pay 20L for a 13-pack. Or 33L for a 20-pack. I'm in love. 

SN@TCH: Okay, Sn@tch. What I love, and what you'll probably love or already do, is that you don't have to buy a shirt, for example, in the five standard sizes, only to wear one of those sizes. You pick your size, and then you get the top in that size and in all the available colors. I'm not sure what other creators package this way, but I love it! You get more for what you pay for. I believe the shirt sells for 250L, but because I'm a bargain whore, I found it during a half-off sale. But for 250L, you get YOUR size in 10 colors!

deeR: So... I was hunting for the 5L Pink Fusion Hunt gift at deeR. And I noticed the Mnemosyne boots sitting there... chanting, serenading and luring me. And I fell. I didn't want to, because they were (and still are) 750L. But I'm glad I fell. These are pretty high up on my scrumptious list. I like the very shape of the shoes. That, by itself, was enough to pull me in its direction. Then, there's the impressive HUD. Through the HUD, you can change the fabric of the shoe to 21 colors or six animal prints, the sole to four colors, the spikes to four metal colors, the laces to two presets (or to any color using the color wheel) and the rings to two presets (or, again, to any color you choose on the color wheel). You can resize the shoes using the HUD. And you can toggle the walking sound on/off and up/down. It's pretty sweet. 

More from the notecard included in the bag:

- ONLY ONE SCRIPT for HUD and shoes. ( NO LAG ) ;
- AUTO detect and OPTIMIZE itself for object type, prim count and face/material count ( MAX SPEED );
- REMOTE ACCESS for move & rotate sandals ATTACHED their avatar;
- HUD RUNS on NO SCRIPT lands;

|| Automatic detect fast and perfect RESIZE:
+1% / -1% / +5% / -5% / +10% / -10%
- Restore ( default store size );
- Resize range is automatic detects to 0.000 ~ 64.000 meter SL limits;
- Remote access;

|| Color Picker:
- Change lace Left / Right;
- Change rings Left / Right;
- RGB display;

|| RGB chat type :
Type in dialog box RGB values;
RGB color display show in hud;

|| Memory Buttons:
- 6 slot buttons for save custom colors;
- Reset/Clear memory buttons;

|| Walk Sound:
Volume: ( 100% / 80% / 60% / 40% / 20% / 0% - no sound );





|| Close & LM buttons: 
Deatach hud of screen (not hide or change to invisible)

Rawr rawr, AMIRITE?

LELUTKA / CELOE: I have no idea if this group gift is still available. I searched in-world and in my LeLutka group notices; I didn't find anything. I'm not in the Celoe group and don't have room to add it so that I may check. I did look inside of the Celoe store at Mayfair and didn't find it. But I could be overlooking, I guess. Drop by and check. It's the same group gift for both stores. 

FANATIK: The Bad Girl Ring comes in three colors - bronze, gold and steel. There are left-hand and right-hand versions for each color, so you get six rings. It costs 190L!


I told you I had a lot of tell you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Light at the End of the World

SKIN: The Plastik. / Astrali Skin / Marse - 03/15 Fifty Linden Friday item (still available)!

HAIR: (fashionably dead) / Pebbles / [Edited Color]

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TOP: Emery / Reno Sweater / #01 - Group gift (yellow bag on ze table)!

BOTTOMS: .:villena:. / Leggings / Burgundy Leather

SHOES: Maitreya / Pumps / Gold - Subscribo gift (pump comes in 15 colors)!

SHADES: (Elate!) / Susie Cateye Shades / Pink

CLUTCH: (Milk Motion) / Spotted Clutch / Silver - Available NOW at TDR Fusion!

RING (Left): Donna Flora / Baci - Free!

BRACELET and RING (Right): .Olive. / The Sometimes Bear Trap / Gigidy Gigidy Gold

-no wow- and marukin


When you land at Donna Flora, look all the way. The BACI ring, which includes two rings - one for the left hand, one for the right - look all the way up. It's the very top vendor on the wall in front of you. These rings are SO cute and oh-so-delicious. 

I'm pretty sure something free, whether it's a group gift or no-strings-attached free, will be in every entry. I'm a complete freebie-and-cheapie whore. I admit it!

I'll be adding some new gadgets to the right very soon. One will list all of my favorite blogs. The other will list the [discount] events you should always frequent! 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farther Down the Road / We are the Ones

SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Kate / Brownie (Evidence)* - The Arcade (until March 31st)! 100L per play!

HAIR: [elikatira] / Listen / [Edited Color]

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD includes 50 colors!

BODYSUIT: ::DirtyMind:: / Bren Bodysuit - previous fi*Fridays item!

SHOES: SLink / Suede Wrap Wedge / Black

HEADPIECE: Remarkable Oblivion / Elysium / White - Available NOW at SL Fashion Week!

NECKLACE: Donna Flora / Fabiola Necklace - part of set including necklace and earrings!

BRACELET (Left): ::Amorous:: / Suki - - part of set including necklace, earrings and bracelet!

RING (Left): LAZURI / Tres Chic ColorSet 2 / SL Shine - part of set including bracelets and rings!

RING (Right): Donna Flora / Pigalle / Onix - part of set including necklace, earrings and rings!



*I'm wearing a skin burner tattoo layer from Lara Hurley Skins. The Brownie tone is not quite dark enough for me, but it was the darkest available at The Arcade. Grab the skin burner, which is only 1L, here

There's some newness from Remarkable Oblivion! Elysium comes in white, black, rose and teal! I can't even imagine the level of care, diligence, skill, patience and meticulousness this kind of creation requires. Even the tiniest of features, such as the beads, are perfection. It might even suggest that axsisthorn (or Seb, as I may occasionally call him) is a bit neurotic. :P

Here's Blair and me (the Remarkable Oblivion store manager) wearing Elysium. She's got on the black, and I'm wearing the white:

Blair also made a version. See it here.

I'm so tired. And sick to my stomach. Blah...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Open the Door

SKIN: .: Vive Nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

HAIR: -LaViere- / Sonia / [Edited Color] - previous Collarbor88 item!

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

EYE MAKEUP: Flirt / Rawr Eye Liner - 1L on the Marketplace!

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Elegant Lipstick, 11-pack / Plum

TEETH: [:Tuli:] / Parted Lips, 7-pack / 6  - Free on the Marketplace!

NAILS: MoiMoi / Nail Pack 1 - Only 50L on the Marketplace!

DRESS: Overhigh. / Anna / Creme - NEW!!!

SHOES: SLink / Studded Booties / Lipstick

HEADPIECE: Remarkable Oblivion / Pinnacle / Jade

NECKLACE: Lassitude & Ennui / Stacked Pearls Mesh Necklace (cleavage) / Multicolor - free at Shop Free*Style!

BRACELET: [DDL] / Toca Para Mi... - Group gift, still available!

RING: Remarkable Oblivion / Death Valley / SL Shine

-no wow-


You should hurry and grab the free necklace from Lassitude & Ennui at Shop Free*Style! I'm not sure when the collection changes. While you're there, grab some other cheapies and play the addictive gatcha machines.

Speaking of "addictive" and gatcha machines, I'm ashamed of myself; I had too much fun at The Arcade. When you wake up, sick with nausea and very close to puking, and blame it on Half-Deer's The Sugar Battalion, you have probably spent too much time (and money...) at The Arcade. I SERIOUSLY thought of those damned cupcakes when I woke up sick. I thought, "I ate too many!!"

You'll soon learn that I LOVE Remarkable Oblivion, a store owned by axsisthorn. He's a brewer o' the finest mesh. Stop by and you'll see what I mean! When you land, you'll behold a very creative and fun build. It's dark and ... scary, if you're gullible/clumsy like me and think you're actually walking on air. Once you're inside, you'll find all sorts of stuff - jewelry, hair accessories, crowns, bags and weapons of DEATH! The headband I'm wearing is part of a four-pack include this color, Jade, and Chrome, Copper and Onyx.

Here's a picture of two of their bags:

I mean... REALLY? "BAAAHHHG"? How can you NOT break down the doors to RO RIGHT NOW? And to think; none of their products use a template. You can thank the store manager, Nimvade Resident, for the witty names, new product ideas and much, much more. The girl is amazing. Both she and axsisthorn are some of the most approachable and thoughtful designers in SL. Quality, originality AND an obvious high regard for customers and customer service = recipe for THEIR success and YOUR complete satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch Me Burn

SKIN: Vive9 / Estelle / SPF308

HAIR: (fashionably dead) / Saturday / Brunette 4

HAIRBASE: Amacci / Hairbase Tattoos 2 / Brown Sugar - FREE!

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

EYE MAKEUP: Flirt / Rawr Eye Liner - 1L on the Marketplace!

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Elegant Lipstick, 11-pack / Plum

TEETH: [:Tuli:] / Parted Lips, 7-pack / 6  - Free on the Marketplace!

NAILS: MoiMoi / Nail Pack 1 - Only 50L on the Marketplace!

TOP: Gato / MixTop - Subscriber Gift!

PANTS: .:villena:. / Loose Pants / Gradient 1

NECKLACE: Ben's Beauty / Found Necklace Fatpack / Black - previous fi*Friday item!

SHOES: G-Field / Adele Wedge Pumps / Coral - Get 'em at Fashion For Life 2013! (Direct SLurl)


You might have to pry me out of these shoes. Here's a closer look:

For 320L, you can own these in coral AND beige. Also included in the pack are resize and color-change HUDs. The latter gives you 18 (THAT'S RIGHT, 18!) colors for the shoe trim and six colors for the soles. As you can see from the following vendor art, as the shoes are mesh, you'll need a mesh-enabled viewer! 

I'm wild for the fit. I love the look - from the front, back and its profile. If it were up to me, I'd have this shoe in every single color, and believe me, there are tons available at FFL2013 AND at the mainstore here.