Sunday, April 28, 2013


I made two outfits that featured this dress. It wasn't on purpose; I forgot that I'd used it already. Since I liked BOTH of them, I decided to post them both. For reference, the first pic above shows "Amaryllis Un" and the second shows "Amaryllis Deux." 

Fellow bloggers, don't you just LOVE when you spend at least 30 minutes looking for the perfect windlight setting and the perfect pose only to experience *gasp* a region restart? I know you love it.


SKIN: .: vive nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

EYELINER: Flirt / Rawr Eyeliner - Only 1L on the MP!

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Elegant Lipstick / Plum

HAIR: tram / c409 / [Edited Color]

HANDS: SLink / Mesh Hand / Elegant [Avatar Enhancement]

TOP: tulip. / Printed Tank Dress / Red

SHOES: [Blossom] / Sassy T-Strap / Coal - Shop Free*Style gatcha item! 25L per play!

EARRINGS: Lil Things / Stud Earrings - Only 1L on the MP!

NECKLACE: .::Pure Poison::. / Beth Necklace / Teal

BRACELET: KOSH / The Angel Key Bracelet
RING: JCNY / One Love Ring, with Hyper-Gems - only 10L on the MP and inworld!

BAG: LaGyo / Triple Leather Bag / Ombre Red - March 2013 Arcade item! 

-no wow-


SKIN: Essences / Opera / Moonlight - Available NOW at the Big Boobies Show!

EYES: IKON / Lucid Eyes / Brown

EYELINER: Shakeup! / Basic Eyeliners / Eyeliner103 - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013!

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Silk Lips & Teeth V2 8 Pack / Annette - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013!

HAIR: Exile / Tidal / [Edited Color] - Men's hair

TATTOO: [[ Masoom ]] You Live Here - previous Pimp My Valentine hunt item!

NAILS (with rings): Chandelle / G.O.T.H. Fair gift (1L) - Direct SLurl

DRESS: tulip. / Printed Tank Dress / Red

SHOES: DECO / Sequined Heels / Emerald - only 50L @ DECO 50L shoe sale! Sale ends tomorrow!

EARRINGS and BRACELET: (Yummy) / Native Daydream

BAG: =Zenith= / Mini Bucket Bag / Leather Pack [*]

-no wow- and {pose maniacs} (Available NOW at SLFW!)


ZENITH: You can buy this pack, which includes a color-change HUD. The HUD allows for seven color changes for four parts of the bag - the body, the belt, the front belt and the arm belt. You get four bags, two for each hand and two for each forearm. This costs 650L! You can also buy five patterned bags individually for 250L each. Wonderful, wonderful bag!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catch Me if You Can

SKIN: Izzie's / Geanna / Cocoa [*]

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: [taketomi] / Sophie / [Edited Color] [*]

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TOP: Beusy. / Back-hem / February (GE) - NEW!!! [*]

JEANS: Overhigh. / Candy Pants / Orange - Available NOW at Kawaii Fair 2013! [*]

SHOES: VENDETTA / Anderson Boots / Mint

EARRINGS: Lil Things / Stud Earrings - Only 1L on the MP!

SCARF: DRIFT / L'Bow2 / Fuschia

BRACELET (Left): Pure Poison / Gold Greek Accessories Set - set includes earrings and bracelets!
BRACELET (Right): [DDL] / Faith - previous group gift! (free group join)

RING (Right): ::Sweet Leonard:: / Ganesha Ring Set / Brass - NEW!!! [*]

BAG: =Zenith= / Paraty Large Leather Bag / Blue Pack

dfo!; Le Poppycock and Marukin


IZZIE'S: Izzie Button can do ANYTHING! She's really amazing AND a true sweetheart! I can't say enough for her and her ability. As for the skin (oh yeah... about that skin...), Geanna comes in 10 tones. The porcelain, pale, natural, sunkissed, caramel and deep tan tones come with a modifiable shape (YES!); face-only and face+body freckles (tattoo layers); four eyebrow color options (blonde,light, red, and brown eyebrows drawn on the skin); cleavage / non-cleavage skins for each color eyebrow (so eight skins); a tintable nail base; 12 lipsticks; 11 eye makeups; one eyeliner and a modifiable eyebrow shaper. Now, you might think this would cost you maybe 2,000L or more, yeah? After all, you're getting eight skins WITH add-ons that are often sold separately elsewhere (modifiable shape, cleavage, makeups and more). But nope; you'll pay a mere 1,170L for Geanna in these tones. Geanna is even cheaper in the four darker tones - mocha, cocoa, ebony and dark - because they do not include four eyebrow colors and, instead, only include one, which I'm sure is the darkest available because the skins are dark. This makes sense; I'd think a blonde brow on a very dark skin would look odd! All other things listed for the lighter skin tones above are included in these darker tones. Because there are two skins instead of eight, the cost is 990L! I've listed the skins from lightest (Porcelain) to darkest (Dark). 

TAKETOMI: Here's a very neat, pretty style from Taketomi. It costs 310L. This hair comes with a HUD that allows one to wear a "choker" around the bun of the hair. See?

I was standing in Izzie's when I decided to snap a picture so you could see how awesome this hair is! So the picture is unedited and ugly, but at least you get to see 1) the hair and 2) the tons of skins that Izzie's offers.

BEUSY.: New top from Beusy! There's six colors available, each at 95L. Here's another impromptu picture *the last one didn't rez very well before I took the picture, but it's black, if not obvious :P):

And for those who are a part of the group, or for those who want to join the group for 75L, you'll get the group exclusive versions for free (or 75L if you're not already a part of the group)! Here are the GE versions:

Here's another reason to join the Beusy Exclusive group!

Just to be clear, there's a Beusy group and a Beusy Exclusive group. The former is free to join; the latter is 75L to join.

OVERHIGH.: The Candy Pants come in seven colors and are 250L per color! Try a free demo when you arrive! I think the Fair ends on the 26th, so hurry!! I took my shirt off in one of the pictures above so you could see the make and texture of the jeans. They do great things for my arse, and I NEEDED you to see this. :P

::SWEET LEONARD::: The Ganesha ring comes in four colors and a left-hand and right-hand version for each color. Eight rings for 180L! There also a matching necklace available for purchase. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


SKIN: .: Vive Nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: Analog Dog / Ashbury / Brunette [Dark Browns pack]

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Starship Lips & Teeth 6 Pack / Magenta

NAILS (with Rings): +:+WTG+:+ / **Checkmate** Jeweled Nails

TOP: [American Bazaar] / Exclusive 032  - Outfit only 1L on the MP!

CORSET: [Taxi Taxi] / Lightning Corset / White - NEW!!! [*]

PANTS: WERTINA / Lulu Leggings / Pink - group gift!

SHOES: Lavender.Esme / Platform Pump / Purple

HEADPIECE: [Taxi Taxi] / Poison Blossom Hat / Yellow - NEW!!! [*]



[TAXI TAXI]: New stuffs at Taxi Taxi! The mesh corset comes in six colors - white, turquoise, pink, green, blue and yellow! AND each color includes a bodysuit of the same color and one in black. The bodysuit can be worn with or without the corset. It's a mere 150L for each corset! 

The Poison Blossom Hat comes in nine colors. As of the time of this posting, you can't buy individual colors. One can only buy the fatpack for 900L. I'll alert Taxi to let her know that the vendor needs a bit of fixing, and then I'll update this entry. There's also a limited rainbow edition, part of a separate vendor, that's on sale for 300L. There are only 100 of them!

Here are the colors that will be available once Taxi fixes the vendor!!

I'm not sure if Lavender.Esme is still open. I bought these shoes at a discount event, but I'm not able to find the store anywhere! :(

EDIT: The issue with the Poison Blossom Hats has been fixed! Each color is 150L, so go get 'em!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


SKIN: Essences / Opera / Moonlight - Available NOW at the Big Boobies Show!

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: [elikatira] / Locked / [Edited Color] - 70%-off sale still going!

EYE MAKEUP:  Shakeup! / The Basic Eyeliners / Eyeliner 107 - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013!

LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Sessie Lip Gloss / L147 - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013! 

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

DRESS: Overhigh. / Minnu Dress, Version 2 / Gray - NEW!!! [*]

SHOES: SKIFIJA / Sandles - Secrets of Isis [*]

EARRINGS: : Amorous : / Suki - SET includes earrings, necklace and bracelets!

NECKLACE: (Kunglers) / Necklace - 3 color pack - previous TDR Fusion item!

BRACELET: Maxi Gossamer / Copacetic Tallulah - SET includes earrings and bracelets!
RING: LaGyo / Wanda Ring - Available NOW at TDR Fusion!

dfo!; (pda) and Marukin


OVERHIGH.: Overhigh is amazing, if that much is not obvious by now! I love this mesh dress' silhouette and its design. There's two versions of the dress and six colors available for each version! 300L per color! Here, you can see the differences in the dresses:

Minnu, Version 1

Minnu, Version 2

SKIFIJA: Included is a notecard to explain what you get with these shoes:

Menu contains:
    - Scale Option
    - Position Option
    - Rotation Option
    - Shininess Option
    - Glow Option
    - Full Bright Option
    - Color Option -                                   

!!! This version is available -116 colors for band and nails!!!
[as] well as:
Remote Control Function
Pose function.
Revert function.
Menu On/Off function
Delete function

Only 149L! You can also buy these here on the MP!  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm Listening

SKIN: Essences / Opera / Moonlight - Available NOW at the Big Boobies Show!

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: (red)Mint / Colour Demo / [Edited Color] - FREE! [*]

EYE MAKEUP:  Shakeup! / The Basic Eyeliners / Eyeliner 107 - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013! [*]

LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Sessie Lip Gloss / L147 - Available NOW at the Cosmetic Fair 2013! [*]

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

OUTFIT (Top and Shorts): [MAG] / Mesh Tank Top and Mini Short - previous gift at Fair G.O.T.H.

SHOES: !(::::HighRize::::)! / Retro Brights - Available NOW at fi*Fridays!

HEADPHONES: Remarkable Oblivion / Amped Headphones - Available NOW at SL Fashion Week! [*]

ARMBAND: *{SeVered GarDen}* / Jill [part of an entire AWESOME outfit]

BRACELET: ...:::SCRUB:::... / Paz - Subscribo gift!
NECKLACE: Lil Things / Long Necklace Anchor - only 10L on the MP!

RING (Right): .Olive. / Binding Black Bow Ring - SL Fashion Week group gift! (Free to join)

SOCKS*G Field* / Button Socks / Basic 7 / Black [*]

Marukin and Blink2Wink (Available NOW at Pose Fair 2013!)


(red)MINT: There are two wearable color demos, so make sure to grab the other one! Each one comes with non-fades and fades. 

SHAKEUP!: YAY! New makeup from Shakeup! The basic eyeliners are eight strong, and all of them are in black. This eight-pack is only 100L! As for the Sessie lip glosses, you'd buy whatever pack you wanted (black-and-whites, blues, browns, greens, oranges, pinks, purples, reds or yellows) for 100L each. Each pack comes with four versions of the color you've chosen plus three tattoo layers (teeth, teeth-with-gap and pouty lips). Here's some screenshots of SOME of the makeups Shakeup offers at the Coz Fair and some nail color appliers for SLink mesh hands and feet!

REMARKABLE OBLIVION: WHY, YES! There's another amazing release from Remarkable Oblivion. They are available at SL Fashion Week right now and will be available in the mainstore at some point after this week's collection. 199L will buy you these earphones in this head version and one for the neck. Here's a closer look!

*G FIELD*: There are three packs of these socks - Basic, Harvest and Pastel. There are seven colors in each 200L pack. What I love most about these socks is that each sock color comes in knee high and overknee versions. AND you can change the color of the cuff, the top button and the bottom button. You can also change both buttons to the same color.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Something's Different

SKIN: .: Vive Nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: !lamb / Cities in Dust / [Edited Color] - NEW!!!

LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Sasha Lipsticks / Wine + Teeth B / part of 60-pack!

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TATTOO: :Little Pricks: / Just Be ...

ROMPER: Beusy. / Thique Romper - Only 30L on the MP!

SHOES: *G Field* / Alex Strap Shoes / Royal Blue

HEADPIECE: [Taxi Taxi] / Spikey Pussy / Purple - NEW!!! [*]

BRACELET: erratic / Owl Bracelet / Silver
NECKLACE: [MANDALA] / Haramita / Smart Blue

RING (Left): Remarkable Oblivion / Famous Ring / Silver

RING (Right)KOSH / Dark Heart Rings / Crowned Heart

BAG: R.icielli / Gia Clutch / Bic - Easter Hunt (2013), Item #9 - still available for only 15L! [*]

Marukin; D.Luxx (Available NOW at Pose Fair 2013!); LePoppycock and (pda)

TAXI TAXI: Seven colors are available - copper, gray, lime, pink, purple, turquoise, and yellow! Each hat comes with two versions, one with gold studs and another with silver studs. It's 150L per color and 700L for the fatpack! 
R.ICIELLI: There's at least four 15L hunts going on at R.icielli. Some of these have been going on for quite some time. And each item is 15L. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Chase is Half the Battle

SKIN: .: Vive Nine :. / Estelle / SPF308

EYES: IKON / Eternal Eyes / Leather

HAIR: Truth / Caprice / [Edited Color, Fades Pack]

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Hollywood Lip Shine / Vogue Pack / Mauve - part of five-pack! Thank you, Stasey!

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

DRESS: [Taxi Taxi] / GG Dress / Welsh Spring [*]

EARRINGS: Bliensen + MaiTai / Samedi / Pink Marble - Gatcha item at Shop Free*Style! 45L per play!

NECKLACE: [glow] studio / Royal Necklace

RING (Left): Maxi Gossamer / Celtic Whirlpool Ring / Silver

RING (Right): [MANDALA] / Polly Ring / Mink / Gold Metal

BAG: illmatic / Fur Fold Clutch / Rabbit

Label Motion; -no wow- (Available NOW at the Pose Fair 2013!); (pda)

I enlisted the help of my beautiful friend, Mikaela Carpaccio, to showcase this dress from Taxi. She asked me if I wanted to make an entry with her. It was funny because I was just thinking I was tired of seeing only MY ugly mug in this blog. I don't have her credits, but she will update her blog with what she's wearing as soon as possible!

TAXI TAXI: You'll love Taxi Taxi! It's a super colorful, uber unique store with something for everyone - men, women, casual, haute couture - EVERYONE! And the prices are very reasonable. This mesh peplum dress only costs 250L. AND I recently discovered the store on the MP here. Take a gander inworld or at the MP store; you will surely enjoy what you see. I look forward to more designs from the creator, Taxi, and to showing more here! Mika is wearing the same dress but in English Summer. There's also a Canadian Winter and a Belgian Autumn. And, yes, those are equally awesome.

To keep up to date on all things Taxi Taxi, do be sure to join the update group! You'll find a group joiner in-world.