Sunday, July 28, 2013

Love Donna Flora!

SKIN: DeeTaleZ / Elly / Chocolate - NEW!!! [*]

HAIR: Liquence / F1 / Natural Fades pack

EYES: IKON / Ascension Eyes / Chocolate

LIPSTICK: .:Glamorize:. / Sydd Lips / Cocoa - 20-pack for 22L!

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Gesture

MANICURE: Orc Inc / Pastel Shimmer - Available NOW at the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser! [*]

OUTFIT: Indyra Originals / Buena Boho Beach Set - Available NOW at the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser! [*]

NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer / Jeweled Denim Heart

BRACELET: [glow] studio / Point Bracelet / Gold

RING: Shakeup! / Fabric Flower Ring / Sailor - June 2013 Arcade item! 25L per pay at mainstore!

{pose maniacs}


DEETALEZ: Here's the new Elly skin from Steffi's "Delicious" skin line! There are 15 Elly skins divided into three sets by lip tint and color - rose, red and cherry. Under "Rose," there are six, divided by brow (blonde, brown and black) color and eye makeup (natural or smokey). Same thing for the skins red-lipped skins: blonde-natural, blonde-smokey; brown-natural, brown-smokey; and black-natural, black-smokey. The cherry-lipped skins offers only three sets: blonde-natural, brown-natural and black-natural. Aaaaand for each skin - let's say, the one I'm wearing, which is [rose-lipped, brown-brow, smokey eye makeup], there are mostly five skin tones available. Those are, from lightest to darkest, milk, vanilla, caramel, coffee and chocolate. I'm wearing chocolate! The blonde-naturals for every lip color have three tones available - milk, vanilla and caramel. Same for rose-blonde-smokey and red-blonde-smokey.

It's 1,000L per skintone. That gets you one skin, TWO modifiable shapes, TWO brow shapers, a "show teeth" alpha and a eyelashes remover alpha. I also purchased the add-on bag for 99L; it offers four pubic hair styles (on tattoo, underpants and pants layers), cleavage layers for all skin tones (on tattoo, undershirt and shirt layers), nail covers for all skin tones (tattoo and glove layers) and four shades of freckles! It's pretty great for 99L. Steffi is making an update to the cleavage to take care of a small glitch, so you may want to hold off on the add-on bag until then, which will be very soon. The skins are good to go, though! 

There are appliers available too. The skin appliers for hands are 320L; so are the ones for feet. There's some Tangos breast / nipples appliers as well. 

EDIT 07/29/2013: GO BUY the add-on pack! Cleavage has been fixed!

INDYRA ORIGINALS: You can only buy this as a fatpack. The fatpack includes six colors and a necklace in five colors. It's priced at a super reasonable 395L. 

ORC INC: Here's a closer shot of the nail color:

The HUD offers 25 nail colors! And it's available now at ...


My dear Squinternet Larnia is very ill, and LDF has been organized to help her fight the enormous costs that come along with treating cancer. Many designers have come together to help, donating anywhere from 25-100% of proceeds to the very worthy cause. You can read more about the event by clicking the following logo:

Also, please, PLEASE visit Donna Flora to see jewelry like you've never seen in SL. When I first found DF, I IM'd Squinternet to ask her if she was a RL jewelry designer. That was at least two years ago, and I was a few months into SL. We started talking, and she passed me an unreleased version of a set that I'd purchased on an earlier date. I was telling her how much I loved it, and she just decided to make a lost noob's day! She's been a pleasure every single time I've spoken with her. I was so sorry to hear of her illness. 

Anyhow, you'd be missing out terribly to skip the event OR the store. Plus, I'm staring at you with puppy eyes. You can't deny those. SO GET!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Point of No Return

SKIN: ::Modish:: / LaLaz / Expresso


EYES: IKON / Ascension Eyes / Chocolate

EYE MAKEUP: Adored Shapes / Totally Warped Eyeshadows / Whisky

LIPSTICK: ::Modish:: / Seane / Set D / 16

NAILS: [S H O C K] / Desire Nails / Almond Series

DRESS: Pure Poison / Brina Dress - previous event (The 100 Blocks) item!

BOOTS: Blueberry / Sherlie Boots / Black

EARRINGS: Remarkable Oblivion / Arsenal Earrings

NOOSE: ~ G O L A Industry ~ / ChokeMe / Black - subscriber gift!

RING (Left): KOSH / Demonica Ring

RING (Right): KOSH / Dark Heart Rings / Flaming Heart

BRACELET: : Amorous : / You - FREE

PIN (on chest): Remarkable Oblivion / Insignia / BADASS

CLUTCH: ...::: Scrub :::... / Japoo Clutch / Black

{pose maniacs}



SKIN: .Birdy. / Delilah

HAIR: ISON / Heidi - Available NOW at the Hair Fair 2013! ENDS TOMORROW! HURRY!

EYES: Dead Apples / Murder

EYE MAKEUP: Corvus / Deep Black Eyeshadow

JACKET: COCO Designs / Cropped Jacket

PANTS: R.icielli / High Waisted Leather Pants - Available NOW at TDR Fusion!

SHOES: Little Bones / Manic Studded Heels

HEADBAND: Remarkable Oblivion / Pinnacle / Chrome

BADGE: Remarkable Oblivion / Insignia / Follow Me, I'm Famous

CLUTCH: Crash Republic / Stripped Clutch

GLOVES: *L-inc* / Bish Gloves

Monday, July 22, 2013

So Much More Than Everything

SKIN: Glance Skins / Anais / November

HAIR: [LeLutka] / Dulcina / [Edited Color] - Available NOW at HF2013, Sim 1!

EYES: IKON / Ascension Eyes / Chocolate

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Deja Lip Gloss & Teeth / Purple 

NAILS: *Sexy Mamas* / Manicure 2 - HUD Includes 50 colors!

TOP: Emery / T-Shirt / Pictures of You - Only 75L!

BOTTOMS: Overhigh. / Suede Pants / Crem - Available in THREE colors at TDR Fusion! Only 50L each!

SHOES: Violent Seduction / Tacky / Candy Striper Pack / Peach Stripe

NECKLACE: +Half-Deer+ / Savannah Necklace / Elephant - Available NOW at The Boutique!
RING (Right): :: Sweet Leonard :: / Mr. Right / Golden

BRACELET: Pure Poison / Danielle Bracelets - July group gift!

CLUTCH: Pure Poison / Diamonds Apples Clutch / Silver and Gold - Available NOW at the Food Fair! [*]

Label Motion; {pose maniacs} (FIRST PICTURE); 
Beusy (SECOND PICTURE; Available NOW at SLFW) [*]

PURE POISON: Yum yummy, right? These little apple clutches come in six varieties - gold and black, gold and silver, silver, silver and gold, black and colored! And they are only 99L each. They are SO precious! There are left and right-hand versions for each clutch. Hurry! Because the Fair ends on the 28th!

BEUSY: Here's a shot of all eight poses on sale at SLFW! 

The poses are 25L each! 

Finally, Pure Poison has a host of group gifts available at the mainstore! There are 13 of them, and the group join fee is a mere 100L. That pays for both that lot of gifts, two monthly gifts, 10% in store credit (wear your tag while shopping!) AND a monthly chance of winning a 5,000L gift card! In other words, this group join fee is very much worth it!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Given the Chance...

SKIN: Essences / Wednesday II / Cinnamon

EYES: IKON / Ascension Eyes / Chocolate

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Deja Lip Gloss & Teeth 5-pack / Merlot - Available NOW at fi*Fridays!

HAIR: ISON / Ruby / [Darks Tones Hud] - Available NOW at Hair Fair 2013, Sim 4! [*]

HAIRBASE: Amacci / Hairbase Tattoo 2 / Onyx - FREE inworld!

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Gesture

NAIL APPLIER: Shakeup! / Polkadots Nail Lacquer

TOP: .:vive nine:. / SoftySilky Cropped Blouse / Cream

UNDERSHIRT: .:vive nine:. / Baby Rib Cropped T / DkGrey

SHORTS: (Milk Motion) / Vintage Denim Shorts / Yellow Flowers [*]

SHOES: (Elate!) / Kate Flats / Cobalt

NECKLACE: Pure Poison / Lora Necklace

RING: Shakeup! / Vintage Ring / 09

BAG: A R I S K E A / Leger Mesh Bag / Mintari

{pose maniacs}; (Marukin)


ISON: It's hard to believe, but I was able to get into the HF2013 on its first day! And I snatched this beautiful hairstyle up! ISON offers three hairs for HF2013. Each is 199L and includes a HUD with five "essential" colors. You can pay 99L each for additional HUD, such as the one I purchased, which includes 10 solid tones, five ombre tones and five dip-dye tones. And the setup is SO cute. And I'm so NOT going to describe it to you. Just go and see (if you can)! 

Stalk the Hair Fair blog and the its Flickr page for information (ESPECIALLY the great cause behind this event) and pictures!

(MILK MOTION): So many shorts - 18, to be exact - and so many pocket options - EIGHT. All shorts, at 295L each, come with plain white [hanging] pockets. And you can buy pocket add-ons for 55L each. Below, you'll see the pockets that come with the shorts (top) and polka-dot add-on pockets (bottoms). You can also buy any of 23 belts at 75L each! (And the belts go with the shorts or the Boyfriend Jeans)!

And thanks to Emicakes, of fame, for letting me use her space!