Monday, April 27, 2015


SKIN: [PUMEC] / Avrora / Dark Autumn - NEW!!!
BODY: SLink / Physique (Body)
HAIR: Moon. / Amsterday - @ No21!
-- EXCLUSIVE to No21! This will not be sold after this round of No21 ends.
EYES: [BUZZERI] / Moka / Coyote - @ kustom9!
BROWS: NOX. / Sorrow Brows (tinted) - @ IDK!
-- includes several brow colors and a tintable brow!
LIPSTICK: [theSkinnery] / Enigma Matte Lipstick [Tattoo]
-- tintable and includes TMP appliers.

TOP: .: ryvolter :. / Cotton Jersy Tank / Grapefruit
CARDIGAN: Eaters Coma / Pocket Knitted Cardigan / Cream
 -- includes color-change HUD for cropped turtleneck, which can be hidden, as above.
SHORTS: -tres blah- / Astrid Denim Cut Offs / Distressed
SHOES: tulip. / Peep-Toe Bootie / Black - [store closed :/]
-- for SLink MEDIUM feet only

NOSE CHAIN: .Keystone. / Annyn Nose Chain [FREE for the Wayward Hunt!]
-- available in several metals and includes both single and double
EARRINGS: LUXE. / Geometric Earring / Silver - @ uber!
 -- includes bracelets in gold, silver, iron and platinum
CAMERA: Rasp / Hip Vintage Camera with Strap / #7

[La Baguette] / Splendour @ The Showroom!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Woman Should


FLAGS (Parfum; Floral Jack)
floorplan. @ No21!

BASKET: [zerkalo] [Group gift; free group join]

CAT: (fashionably dead) / 13 Standing Up [Cats gacha; 50L per play]

WINDOWS and PLANKS: {Reverie} [Honey Pie gacha; 65L per play]

BOTTLES: O.M.E.N. / The Happy Gardener - @ The Liaison Collaborative!

MUG PLANTER: Pizza's [Thrift Shop Garden gacha]

HANGING SUN: [keke] / RARE [The Sky is the Limit gacha; 50L per play] - for TAG!
-- TAG website

WHALE CHALKBOARD: Willow. - @ kustom9!

[zerkalo] [My Father's Shiny Shabby Treasures gacha, 50L per play]

ROSE BUCKET: 8f8 [primavera in Toscano gacha; 50L per play]

HOUSE: Culprit

  • ON ME
SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Alyona / Toffee - @ Shiny Shabby!
-- for the SLink Visage mesh head ONLY!
-- available in Champagne, Honey, Milk and Toffee
HEAD: SLink / Visage / Emma
BODY and HANDS: SLink / Physique (Body); Elegant (Hands)
HAIR: little bones. / Grixdale - @ No21!
-- scarf has several color options via HUD
-- as always, regular breasts and large breasts versions are included

EYES: [AMITOMO] / EYE02 / Milk Choco
LIPSTICK: [PUMEC] / Victoria (SKIN) - NEW!!!
-- The Victoria skin comes with lipsticks in tattoo layers AND appliers for SLink Visage (used here); PXL, TMP and Loud Mouth.
HANDS TATTOO: .Things. / Henna Hands Tattoo [FREE for the Wayward Hunt!]
NAILS: #adored / Back to Black Nails - @ Black Fair 2015!

TOP: !APHORISM! / Sleeveless Crop Top / Faded Black -  @ Spring 2015 TSS!
SKIRT: BUENO / Spring Skirt / Flor - @ kustom9!
-- includes standard mesh sizes and fits for SLink and Maitreya mesh bodies
SHOES: United Colors / Studded Fringe Booties / Butterscotch - @ kustom9!
-- for SLink and Maitreya FLAT feet

SUNGLASSES: Eclat / Mirrored Sunnies
-- color-change HUD included for frame and lens! 

BRACELET (left): [BREATHE] / Soothe Bracelet / Iron [FREE for the Wayward Hunt!]
-- includes bracelets in gold, silver, iron and platinum
BRACELET (right): YS&YS / Cannes Bracelet - @ TDR Fusion!
-- HUD allows for four metal color and four rope color changes.
BAG: *Les Petites Details* / RARE [Spring Country Circus gacha; 50L per play] - for TAG!
RING: Shakeup! / Promise Ring [unavailable, but there are other fabulous rings in the 25L gachas!]

[La Baguette] / Splendour @ The Showroom!


Here's a closeup of the bracelet and nails / nail HUD. It's important that you know these aren't just black nails, for example! The hair HERE is from lamb @ N21!

And just because: I'd taken all of my images to Photoshop for editing. I was going through them to pick which ones I could work with. And then I notice THIS:

I forgot to HIDE the pose stand and its pose categories. How these obscenely large numbers went unnoticed while snapping the picture, I can't quite understand or explain. It was both hilarious and maddening at the same time. All it takes is typing "show" or "hide" in local. But no. Leave it to me to not notice 1 and 3, staring me down! 

But at least I had this song!

Never treats me sweet and gentle
The way he should
I've got it bad
And that ain't good

My poor heart is so sentimental
Not made of wood
I've got it so bad
And that ain't good

But when the fish are jumpin'
And Friday rolls around
My man an' I, we gin some
We pray some, and sin some

He don't love me like I love him
The way he should
I've got it bad
And that ain't good
Yes I've got it bad
And that ain't good 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bridge Between

HAIKEI @ kustom9! [Look Through the Window gacha; 69L per play]


HANGING LIGHT: Kalopsia @ kustom9!

BEAR: <:*BoOgErS*:> [Exclusive to September 2014 Arcade]
-- Store is moving so catch the new LM upon arrival!

CAMERA (on chair): -tres blah- [Bon Voyaga gacha; 50L per play]

MAGAZINES (on bed): -tres blah- [Hodgepodge gacha; 50L per play]
-- Not yet out at the mainstore

JAR with LIGHTS: [atooly] @ The Liaison Collaborative!

BED: floorplan.
-- PG: 27 single animations; 16 couple animations
-- Pillows and blanket are texture-change by touch; nine texture for each

LADDER: Apple Fall / [An Lar] poses [Farmhouse gacha; 90L per play]


"CITY" LIGHTS: junk.

  • ON ME
SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Hilde / Toffee - @ Spring 2015 TSS!
-- available in Champagne, Honey and Toffee
-- each tone includes five brow colors
-- includes tintable/copyable freckles and lipstick layer! [worn above]
BODY: Maitreya / Lara
HANDS: SLink / Elegant
HAIR: MOON. / Ginseng - @ Spring 2015 TSS!
HAIRBASE: Unorthodox / Frenchie Hair Base / Chocolate [included in Illmatic's Frenchie Hair]
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Elysium Eyes / Honey - @ uber
EYE MAKEUP and MOLE: Shakeup! / Pinup Eyeliner + Mole [TMP / tattoo]
NAILS: Shakeup! / Doghouse Rose Tattoo @ Genre!
HANDS TATTOO: .::ReeA Tattoo::. / Exclusive for My Virtual Life [only 10L @ MP!]

OUTFIT: [DAMI] / Spring Blossom Blouse&Slacks / Set03 -  @ IDK!
SHOES: [BREATHE] / Petrichor Flats / Mint - @ IDK!
-- for SLink and Maitreya FLAT feet

BAG: =Zenith= / Cow Head Bag [Animal Bag gacha; 85L per play]

[La Baguette] / KittyCat II

Listen, and be [get] lost:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Don't Need to Read the Stars

SKIN: New Faces / Brittany / Mocha
BODY and HANDS: SLink / Physique (Body); Elegant (Hands)
HAIR: MOON. / Tourniquet
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Moka Eyes / Coyote - @ kustom9
EYE MAKEUP: NOX. / Muse Shadow / Black - @ IDK!
CHEST TATTOO: #adored / Doghouse Rose Tattoo @ Genre!
-- tattoos for neck, chest, hips, hands and feet in black, pink and red ink!
-- SLink, Maitreya, TMP and Omega appliers included!
HANDS TATTOO: Idiot. / Gone Wild Tattoo
-- This is a full body tattoo with several tattoo layers and appliers. Visit the MP listing to see the full tattoo.

DRESS: =Zenith= / Big Sleeves Loose Skirt / Sky-  @ kustom9!
SHOES: / Kokomo Sandals / Cocoa
-- for SLink MID feet only

HAT: (fashionably dead) / Luna Hat [included in MOON hair purchase]
NECKLACE: =Zenith= / Leafs Necklace / Golden - @ The Seasons Story!
-- Vintage Gacha; 75L per play
BRACELET: LUXE. / Jungle Beads / White - @ kustom9!
RING: Eclat / Tube Ring / Silver
BAG: ASO! / Petite Square - @ The Seasons Story!
-- FOUR HUDS available for purchase: Basic, Pastel, Vivid and Full Pack
-- EXCLUSIVE to The Seasons Story!

[La Baguette]

FRUIT STAND: dust bunny. - @ The Seasons Story!
POTS: [zerkalo]
-- Boho-colored Kitchen gacha; 50L per play


EDIT: Oops! I forgot to post a song for you! BE READY as soon as you hit play. This one isn't like many of their songs, with their 92380293-minute long intros (WHICH I LOVE TYVM). HIT IT!

Although The Cure has been around for AT LEAST 40 years now, this song from, I believe, 2003 is my absolute favorite:

Here are the lyrics:

The happiest day I ever knew
In a sea of gold down next to you
So blurred and tired under summer sun
You whispered dreams of a world to come...
We were so in love
In this sea of gold so young and tired
Under summer sun hard by your side
Whispering dreams down next to you...
We were so in love
The happiest day
Yeah the happiest day I knew
But summer sun sea of gold
This perfect day oh so long ago
Whispering dreams so blurred and tired
We have to keep this day alive
Whispered dreams so young and tired
It's hard to hold this day inside
And the happiest night I ever had
Up next to you in silver sand
So scared and high under winter moon
You whispered dreams that would all come true...
We were so in love
Up next to you so fucked and high
Under winter moon it made me cry
Whispering dreams on silver sand...
We were so in love
The happiest night
Yeah the happiest night I had
But winter moon and silver sand
This perfect night in another land
Whispering dreams so scared and high
We have to keep this night alive
Whispered dreams so fucked and high
It's hard to hold this night inside
Yeah and every summer's sun I want again
And every winter's moon I want the same
My happiest day and my happiest night
Always next to you...
And held deep inside...
Keeps me alive

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

IDK: April 2015!

The second round of the new event, IDK, will start tomorrow! The theme for this round is:

And here's the designer roster!

Click either of the above posters to reach the IDK website, where you can find all sorts of information, including a lookbook for this coming round!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Art for a Few

Vive Nine Atelier (Artist's Studio gacha; 50L per play) @ XSF 2015! [KEY]
-- Vive Nine Atelier is a new sub-brand for the Bilavio family; it will focus on home and decor!
-- As such, there is no mainstore just yet. The SLurl I provided leads to Vive Nine and Fiore.
-- If you have the RARE apron, I have a gazillion rares up for trade for it!  

PALETTE (on tarp)
HAIKEI (My Vintage Art Studio gacha; 69L per play] [KEY]

SHEEP: +Half-Deer+ (Kerfluffle Sheep I gacha; 50L per play) [KEY]

-- texture-changeable to "drawings" or "watercolors"

TABLES: floorplan. @ uber!

-- Don't fret if you can't get the Artist's Studio RARE canvas racks; Apple Fall's works just fine, and each (painted and blank canvasses) cost only 100L.


-- kitty and bunny computers available in EIGHT Spring-tastical colors each!
-- 85L per color - the FATPACK, which includes all sixteen computers is a mere 300L. 300L!

ARTWORK (behind cutesy computers)
EVERYTHING on TABLES (seen in next and last picture)
Sari-Sari (Art Class gacha; 50L per play) @ XSF 2015 [KEY]

WALL DECAL: Wall Candy

-- [I asked my friends, Blair (co-owner of Remarkable Oblivion) and Kev (owner of FE Style and blogger), to get messy with me. And since they can't resist me *cough* they agreed!]

PAINTED CANVASSES (behind spilt paint): Trompe Loeil

SPILT PAINT: HAIKEI (My Vintage Art Studio gacha; 69L per play) [KEY]

BIRD WALL ART: {what next}

EASELS (from left to right):
7 Emporium
[Dysfunctional Designs]
HAIKEI (My Vintage Art Studio gacha; 69L per play) [KEY]
Vive Nine Atelier (Artist's Studio gacha; 50L per play) @ XSF 2015! [KEY]

JUMBO COVERED PAINTED CANVAS: Vive Nine Atelier (Artist's Studio gacha; 50L per play) @ XSF 2015! [KEY]

  • ON ME
SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Hilde / Toffee @ Spring 2015 TSS!
HAIR: Beusy. / Pretend - NEW!!!
HAIRBASE: Unorthodox / Frenchie Hair Base / Chocolate [included in Illmatic's Frenchie Hair]
EYES: #adored / Moon Eyes / Medium Brown
-- includes system and mesh eyes
LIPSTICK and FRECKLES: [theSkinnery] 
-- tintable and included in HILDE skin purchase (@ Spring 2015 TSS!
FACE PAINT: Ama. / Paint Splat / Rainbow 2.0
-- SLink (tattoo/underclothes/clothes), WowMeh, Lush, Tango and Ghetto Booty Appliers included
-- system layers (jacket, pants, shirt, undershirt, underpants, gloves, tattoos) also included
-- a COMPLETE steal for 49L @ MP!
BODY and HANDS: SLink / Physique; Elegant (hands)

TOP: Color.Me.H.O.F. (now Rowne) / Basic Tank / White [unavailable]
SHORTS: :Moon Amore: [group gift; free join]
-- includes texture-change HUD

HEADBAND: Pink Acid @ Spring 2015 TSS! [RARE - Roses in Spring Headband gacha; 35L per play]
NECKLACE: ASO! / Sakura @ TDR Fusion!
-- This is a necklace-and-earring SET!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Love Left Dry

SKIN: [PUMEC] / Victoria / Autumn - NEW!!!
-- While you're there, if you're not already a group member, JOIN! For the 99L group join fee, you have immediate access to six WONDERFULLY FULL group gifts. As with all PUMEC skins, shapes and all-inclusive HUDs are included.
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: [INK] Hair / Foglia / Coal
HAIRBASE: Unorthodox / Frenchie Hair Base / Chocolate [included in Illmatic's Frenchie Hair]
EYES: [AMITOMO] / EYE02 / Milk Choco
MOUTH: [PXL] / SweetLips
FRECKLES: [theSkinnery] / Hilde [coming up soon!]
LIPSTICK: NOX. / Novela Lips / Currant - @ IDK! [ENDS TODAY!! HURRY!]
-- includes tattoo layers and appliers for Loud Mouth, SweetLips, Nyam Nyam and Soul Kissers!

TOP: !APHORISM! / Sleeveless Crop Top / Off White @ Spring 2015 Seasons Story!
-- Available in six colors, each with two intensities - regular and faded.
CARDIGAN: !APHORISM! / Sleeveless Cardigan / Check / White @ Spring 2015 Seasons Story!
-- Available in six colors (Black, White, Blue, Beige, Olive and Rose) and three designs (Plain, Striped and Check)
SHORTS: -Pixicat- / Cheeky Shorts / Blue
-- includes standard mesh sizes and sizes for Lara, Physique and Venus mesh bodies
SHOES: *Cila* / Spring Heart Ankle Boots / Dark - @ April 2015 On9! [NEW EVENT!]
-- for SLink MID feet ONLY

BRACELET: Wimey / Guardian's Cuff / Silver - @ April 2015 On9!
THIGH CHAIN: Noodles / Selene Thigh Chain / Black - @ IDK! [ENDS TODAY!! HURRY!]
-- color-change HUD allows changes to bag, feathers and studs

LEFT and RIGHT: [La Baguette]

CHAIRS: {Reverie} / My Hippie Chair - @ !nterlude! [NEW EVENT; Opens 04/12!]
-- available in three packs: "Here Comes the Sun," "Westcoast" and "You Got the Music"
-- Each pack contains three woods: light, dark and moss
-- chairs include six sit animations


PUMEC: PUMEC skin packs are usually 699L. Each tone of Victoria, however, costs 899L because eye makeups and lipsticks are included this time:

NEW EVENT - On9: Make sure to find the one discounted color/version of each designer's event item. In my eagerness, I missed the HUGE sign that's to your left as soon as you land. Though I did wonder why Wimey's copper cuff was less than the others... Sigh. DONT BE LIKE ME.

NEW EVENT - !nterlude!: I just ADORE this event's concept. Designers will be asked to listen to pre-selected music and create something inspired from the music.

And since we're on the topic of music, this song is behind this blog post's title, the last blog post's title and my new name inworld.

Love my name
Love left dry
Frost or flame
Skeleton me
Fall asleep
Spin the sky
Skeleton me
Wait, don't cry
Love, don't go
Love, don't cry
Skeleton me
Skeleton me

Soon comes rain
Dry your eyes
Frost or flame
Skeleton me
Fall asleep
Spin the sky
Skeleton me
Love, don't cry
Love, don't cry
Love, don't cry
Skeleton me
Skeleton me

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sakura Delices @ Xiasumi School Festival!

Here's Kalopsia's [gacha] set for the Xiasumi School Festival. What's particularly cool about this set is that the OBJECT for the goodies are just as usable as the goodies themselves. For example, on the display shelf behind the "Welcome Kitty" are unpacked items on the top shelf and the corresponding objects on the bottom shelf.

The rares in this set are the build and the Sakura painting. Commons in the photo above are the boxed/unboxed sweets, shopping bags (SECRET!), display shelves, table, cash register, vase and lemonade bottles.

CHAIR: Apple Fall [Farmhouse gacha; 90L per item]
-- BOOK with MUFFIN and TEA: Apple Fall @ April 2015 faMESHed!
MARSHMALLOWS and MOCHI BEARS: 8f8 [Sweet Life Bakery gacha; 60L per play]
TABLE MENU: 8f8 [IceDreams gacha; 60L per play]
WELCOME KITTY: Half-Deer @ The Seasons Story! [Opens 04/10]
-- Purchase includes texture for customizing kitty's message
-- You click the machine and get your first popup message: pick a cake. After you pick a cake flavor, you pick your filling. After you pick your filling, you pick your topping. Voila! JAR CAKE! The jar cake Ama is wearing is "Choco Apple Nutty."
-- In addition to the jar cake, there's also a cupcake maker and cake pop maker. 
RUG: {anc} [NOEL gacha; 75L per play]
-- includes eight single sits

HAIR: Olive.
ROMPER: (Milk Motion) [gacha item; unavailable]

Posts are a bit slow. I'm fighting off some viral infection with antibiotics, so I hope to be back to normal soon enough.

EDIT: Methinks the cake makers were exclusive to the Candy Fair 2014. :/

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Frost or Flame

SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Cristy
-- March 2015 Arcade item
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: little bones. / Hollywood - @ uber!
EYES: [theSkinnery] / Echo Eye Collection / #8 - @ April 2015 TCF
-- includes both system and mesh eyes in three sizes
LIPSTICK: [theSkinnery] / Enigma Matte Lipstick [Tattoo] - @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!
-- tattoo layers (tintable) and TMP installers available for purchase

DRESS: ::HUCCI:: / Xai Dress
-- nearly two-year old gift; probably unavailable.
SHOES (on rug): [BREATHE] / Network Heels [for SLink HIGH feet]

EARRINGS: Pink Acid / Bunny Hunny Earrings and Choker Set / Pearl & Black - @ April 2015 TCF!
STOLE: **Asteria Creations** / Elegant Princess Stole / Purple [C'EST FAUX, D'ACCORD?!?]
RINGS: ieQED / Jessi Rings / Copper [includes fits for SLink Casual hands, TMP Relaxed hands, Maitreya hands and copy/mod fit for default hands]
TOE RING: KOSH / Sun Toe Ring
-- fitted for SLink Natural Feet; however, they are mod, so you CAN wear it with whichever feet you have
-- Metal and gem are color-changeable by touch.

LEFT: [La Baguette]
RIGHT: Beusy. [Bad Habits set; includes cigarettes!]

SKIN: TheShops! / Bleu
BODY and HANDS: TheMeshProject
HAIR: Action / James / Veganic HUD
FACIAL HAIR: Clef de Peau

JACKET: !APHORISM! / Vintage Crew Suit / Jacket and White Shirt / Grey
PANTS: !APHORISM! / Vintage Crew Suit / Pants / Grey
SHOES: [monso] / My Horsebit Loafer / Black @ April 2015 TMD!

  • DECOR:
CHAISE: Trompe Loeil
SILVER POUFS: Gos & oOo Studio
RUG: junk.
VANITY SET (including accessories): {what next}
WINE MESS: -tres blah-
-- March 2015 Arcade item


In pictures, sometimes, you can't quite see a specific item as closely as you'd like. So thank goodness for keys!

For the [theSkinnery] EYES:

For the Pink Acid JEWELRY SET:

(Thanks to Blair for her fashion AND decor suggestions!)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Go Get Strong

SKIN: [PXL] / Aeryn / Olive
 -- Was available at the Skin Fair 2015 that ended 03/29. Be on the lookout for it at the mainstore!
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
-- Updated body sent on 04/02! 
-- Among other things, you can now save alpha presets to 10 slots, minimize the HUD to a much smaller size than before and enjoy additional alpha cuts.
HAIR: little bones. / Psycho - @ April 2015 faMESHed!
HAIRBASE: little bones. 
-- No longer available for purchase
-- BUT! If you join the group (100L join fee), you receive 12 consolation prizes!
EYES: {Dead Apples} / Twinkle Eyes / Cacao
-- Three intensities of "twinkleness" included
-- includes both system and mesh eyes
HANDS: SLink / Smoking (LEFT); Gesture (RIGHT)

TOP: BUENO / Vintage Bustier / Gray Stripes @ March 2015 kustom9!
-- includes standard mesh sizes and sizes for Lara, Physique and Venus mesh bodies
CARDIGAN: {So Many Styles} / Long Cardi / Driftwood [store closed]
SKIRT: BUENO / Denim Skirts / Faded Gray-Ripped - @ March 2015 C88!
-- includes standard mesh sizes and sizes for Lara, Physique and Venus mesh bodies
SHOES: Maitreya Gold / Antheia Sandals / Bistre
-- includes fits for SLink

NECKLACE: LUXE. / Ekstrax / Rosegold - @ uber!
-- available in Rosegold, Gold, Silver and Black
-- Gold includes HUD for 14K and 24K changes
-- Ekstrax Bangles available with same color options
BAG: :Moon Amore: / Ohana Bag
-- color-change HUD allows changes to bag, feathers and studs

BOOKS: {anc} [garden. gacha; 75L per play]
CHEST; BOOK and MAP; RUG; ROSE BOX; CHAIR: Apple Fall @ April 2015 faMESHed!
CAT in a BAG: {theosophy}
-- March 2015 Arcade item; be on the lookout for the gacha at the mainstore!
TULIPS: Apple Fall @ March 2015 TLC!
HOUSE: *bbqq*
LEFT: @ Xiasumi School Festival!
MIDDLE: an lár [poses] @ March 2015 IDK!


This song makes me feel ALL of the feels. The bit from :35 to 1:05 MUST be what people in love hear when they look at each other. IT MUST BE. Right?