Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As Long As You Know

SKIN[theSkinnery] / Arlenis / Ebony
-- LeLutka head applier ONLY!
-- Nine makeups to win in each of three tones - brownie, ebony and onyx; see AD
HEAD: LeLutka / Stella
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
HAIR: Clawtooth / Beach Party / Silent Movie Star 
-- includes color-change HUD for headband
EYES[theSkinnery] / Flirtatious Eye Collection / #15 - @ Coz Fair: Gachalicious!
-- PLEASE see AD below; these eyes are "lovley" (,#) 
-- AD:
LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Alicia Lips / Dark Palette - @ Coz Fair: Gachalicious!
-- for LeLutka head ONLY!
-- AD:
HAND TATTOO: Letis Tattoo / Atria
-- SO many appliers for the upper body tattoo - Belleza, Lolas Tango, Maitreya, Omega (tattoo; underwear), TMP!
-- AD:

TOP: OAKEN / Wordy Shirt Series / HUD 1
-- AD: You've got to see the four different HUDs
JEANSAddams / Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jeans - @ kustom9!
-- includes white ripped, red ripped and regular changes via HUD
SHOES: Mikunch / Sloppy Shoes / Pattern - @ kustom9!

GLASSES: T.C. / Glasses Black - only 1L on the MP!
NECKLACE: :Moon Amore: / Traveler Necklace
-- includes color-change HUD for beads, metal and string
-- Wayward Hunt (2015) item; may no longer be available (couldn't find it just a minute ago, but try it yourself!)
RINGS (left): Kibitz / Melody Rings / Silver - @ Shiny Shabby!
-- includes fits for Maitreya, SLink Casual and Elegant hands
-- includes color-change HUD for metals and gems (for each of the three rings, YAY!)
-- AD:
-- Okay, so... the three rings together were too much for this particular look, but they are one linked object. What I did was COPY the item first, clicked "Edit linked parts" in the edit menu and made the index and ring finger rings 100% transparent.
RINGS (right): Kibitz / Misti Rings / Silver
-- includes fits for Maitreya and SLink Casual hands
-- includes HUD for metal and pyramid ring
-- AD:
BRACELET: LUXE. / Harlow Link Bangle / Silver - @ kustom9!
BAG: [Black Bantam] / Tassle Bucket Tote / Brown - @ Tres Chic!

-- ALL are [La Baguette]
FIRST: Fallen - exclusive to Black Fashion Fair 2015
SECOND and THIRD: Precious - @ The Showroom!
FOURTH: Kawaii

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If You Knew

LOVE SEAT: .:revival:.

LE GRAND BI (High-wheeler)
TIN PLANT (on table)
-- Kalopsia @ Lost and Found!

TAPESTRY: [zerkalo] @ The Fantasy Collective! (opening today at noon!)

-- :HAIKEI: @ kustom9! [Where You've Been gacha; 69L per play]

TABLE and CHAIRS: [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby! [Fall in Love [light] gacha; 50L per play]


WOODEN BIRDS (on top of dresser)
{reverie} @ Shiny Shabby! [Day Dream Decor Collection [vintage] gacha; 50L per play]

PUP+Half-Deer+ @ Arcade! [EIGHT MORE DAYS!!]

RUG: [zerkalo] @ Arcade! [STILL EIGHT MORE DAYS!!]

NEON CLOUD: floorplan. @ Arcade! [YOU GUESSED IT!]

BRANCHES PLANT with LIGHTS: [Ariskea] @ Arcade! [.......................]



Monday, September 21, 2015


I consider myself to be "technologically challenged." The extent of my savvy is Googling things. My poor, dear, IMPOSSIBLY patient Mr. Handsomeface only recently had the misfortune of hearing me ask, "Can you walk me through uploading a file to your server?" That's what that was, I think - a server... or a database... or something involving files... and uploading. Yeah. That.


A few months ago, I'd decided that I wanted to watch movies in Second Life. Because... MOVIES IN SL! I used the Consignment movie theater skybox (which is awesome, by the way) and theeeeeen it came time to prop up a working screen. I Googled! I sent a NC to creators/scripters! I begged friends (thanks, Scar)! I begged people to test out MP4s with me (thanks, Koura)! I tried myself! I just couldn't get it quite right.

Enter the Deimos Television Store! I'd had some experience with DVD rentals in SL, and that prompted me to search for TVs in SL. After finding Deimos on the Marketplace, I then visited the store to try the demos. I settled on the Starfire, which is one of four. There's also Eclipse, Luna and SunRay, each priced at 2,999L.

Because I'm also really good at copying and pasting, here's the Marketplace listing verbatim! I made bold my favorite features:



Compatible with ALL Viewers on any platform including Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
The STARFIRE HDTV is an fully interactive touch-screen television with intuitive graphical user interface. Featuring an eye-catching high quality mesh design with vibrant UV mapped HD textures, soft curves and amazing innovative media features.
Treat your self to the most interactive media experience in Second Life. Enjoy the action from many leading online media platforms, live streams, radio, games, apps, music videos, interactive web browser, mp3s, TV shows, high definition movie channels, Live TV channels and music channels.
Explore multiple video services on screen along with the Deimos TVs very own community powered digital video platform. The Deimos TV is available in 7 popular styles each with the same exciting features. All you need to do is pick a style you like best
With real live channels you can invite your friends and they will be watching what you are watching even if they arrive late. No need for an old fashion sync button that forces you to restart the video just to sync the viewers. No nasty old note-cards, the Deimos TV uses live dynamic video menus.
Discover a world of exciting new entertainment everyday. Deimos TVs use D-Sync™ auto-sync technology so when you are watching Live TV channels it is just like you are watching TV in the real world but without the annoying advertising.

✪ User friendly icon interface menu
✪ Supports "Rez & Play" with no deeding required
✪ Includes option Land Media Router to access and control extra land media features
✪ High Definition TV, Music & Movie Channels
✪ Compatible with the Deimos Video and MP3 Upload Addon
✪ Parcel wide audio range and variable audio range
✪ 9 button Navigation bar with auto hide feature
✪ V-Sync™ - Auto Sync on play using scripted Dual Layer screen technology
✪ No old fashion sync buttons or note-cards
✪ Watch videos together in sync with up to 100 people per sim
✪ Suitable for ANY land including self owned land, shared land and group owned land
✪ Re-size using the re-size buttons (size = 1m to 60m)
✪ For personal, public, and group use
✪ User Access Control: Public, Private/Group share
✪ Complete package: No receivers or extras required
✪ Mesh Design - no loss of picture or texture quality when re-sized to large sizes
✪ Dual Layer LSL powered touch-screen GUI with the option of "Parcel Media Mode" & "Portable Media Mode"
✪ Player controls: seek, scrub, fast-forward, rewind, pause, stop, play, volume, mute, full screen
✪ Escape Button: Quickly escape a playing video, movie, game or browser session and return to the search results
✪ Run multiple screens independently or together in sync on a single parcel (extra TVs purchased separately)
✪ Search media from the public chat window or on screen using Url, play-list, keywords or categories
✪ Super Fast Scripts: Mono: Script Time 0.014ms, 721KB Memory usage
✪ Support for 3D movies and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
✪ Web Browser: "Interactive" access to ANY website with support for Flash Player, Quicktime and Silverlight
✪ Movie app menus with thousands of HD Movies OnDemand (live updates)
✪ 50 single & multi player Flash Games
✪ Compatible with 3rd party SL-DVD's and Players sold by other stores (includes Media Texture)
✪ Multi-platform Video Menu combining videos from 40+ video networks including:
YouTube, U-Stream, Justin, Dailymotion, X-Videos, Bliptv, Vbox7, Vimeo, Supervideo, Smotri, Mynet, Metacafe, Liveleak and many more.

Touch Screen land radio with support for Shoutcast, Icecast, WAV, MP3 and Playlist streams
- Stream Menus: 18 genres and 100+ live pre-set radio channels visually displayed on screen
- Instantly Add, Remove and access your favourite radio streams on screen
Custom YouTube GUI- (240p - 4K)
Features: 500 Million+ Videos, Search from chat, Search On-Screen, Geo Centralized Menu, Replay, Quality Select and multiple video categories
✪ Video On Demand +Search - New videos and media streams uploaded and imported daily 24/7 (large video community)
- 50+ video and TV Categories - Supports AC3, 3D and Dolby Surround Sound
✪ Supports Audio Range Fall Off and Fade In selection [Firestorm Viewer]
✪ MP3 - Milk Drop video effects

✪ White-board (paint, draw, type, upload images) on screen
✪ Audio Tool - Music creation suite
✪ Google Drive
✪ Google Sky
✪ Radio App
✪ Editor - Image
✪ IMO Messenger Application Suite IMO, Yahoo, Skype, AIM, Jabber, VKontakte, MySpace, Hyves, Steam, Facebook Chat
✪ XL Media Center
✪ YouTubeDisko

✪ Fast response, friendly support (English)
✪ FREE replacements if lost
✪ FREE automatic updates

© 2015 DEIMOS


Neat, huh?

Methinks you have lots to play with in the TV, but if you want to play music or video files that are not already inside of the menu - and I did - there's the upload addon. It's super easy to work. You rez the plugin, click it, and you are given the setup process in local chat. I did this part all by myself! CELEBRATE!

What I DIDN'T do, however, is notice that the upload limit is 900MB. The movie I'd been DYING to show other people was 300MB over, and I tried three times to upload it. With my super slow upload speed, each attempt took maybe six hours. It took someone much more observant than me to notice the limit (Thanks, HSW)! Still, that's no count against the product; if you can convert the file to a smaller file type, then go ahead! I have no idea how to do that, but I can tell you it accepts multiple file types.

A word about the customer service: I've repeated several times that I'm terrible with this sort of thing. Morphix, Deimos store owner, has been nothing short of amazing, considering the client. He's answered all 283987598273234 of my questions, and there was never one hint of aggravation/rudeness in his answers. And I don't believe any of them came later than 24 hours after asking the question in the first place.

In short - awesome, complete product(s), awesome customer service, awesome time with friends. I'M SOLD!

Here's a few screenshots of the TV:


HD MOVIES Genre List:

HD MOVIES Genre List (cont'd):

(The "tracking!" message is NOT a part of the TV; that's hovertext for a HAIKEI temp-rezzed build, which I am decorating right now for blogging, TYVM!)

AND OH! Don't like the stand? Want to mount the TV? Just click on that stand and kiss it au revoir! To get it back, just click the now-phantom stand (so click right below the TV), and it shall reappear!

Finally, with so much content included with the TV, you're probably wondering about legal stuffs and things? Here's some disclaimers, included in a notecard inside of your purchase:



All the material at Deimos™ is protected under copyrights & federal laws. So, for this reason, you can only watch the media accessed via our products in your own RL home that you personally own, and absolutely not screen any of the media in a RL public area. Deimos™ is against piracy in all its forms. Media is protected by copyright laws. So you will only be able to watch the streams but not download them. Most of the media streamed via our products is also protected by the 3rd party networks we stream from so by violating this policy you will also be violating the policy of many other networks.

All indexed media streams excluding some public channels are protected, all protected streams are encrypted and automatically expire every 24 hours and can not be played outside of the SL client. Web Media comes in many formats and protocols from many differnt networks all over the web. The media is indexed in our database and legally streamed and tunneled to http protocol not pseudo streamed, the media data is never downloaded to your computer and you do not have the right to share any of the content accessed via our products via the web or Second Life.

The media streamed via our products is NOT for sale under any circumstances! Title 17, USC 107, Fair use and limitation of exclusive rights. For use by entertainment purposes. Deimos™ does not tolerate piracy, as the consumers you agree to the terms of this policy.


Deimos™ takes no responsibility for the media content indexed or accessed via our products. We do our best to provide good clean family viewable content how ever adult media is optionally accessible by any person over the age of 18 years of age, 21 years of age in some countries/states.

It is your responsibility as the owner of the product to insure no minor has access to any adult content that you choose to make accessible. We do not and never will provide any illegal pornography of any kind. It is your responsibility as the owner to make sure those with viewing access are of legal age to view adult content. Media access is provided via media APIs and Web services owned by other companies and Networks around the world via the Internet. Deimos™ is NOT responsible for ANY media accessed via the Web Browser or Web API based services used in our products.


This product uses a Shared Media based web browser that routes the Internet connection to you via a shared client. This does not give you complete anonymity or hide your online identity. It is no different from you accessing the Internet from a regular web browser.
This product has complete access to the web and Deimos™ takes no responsibility for the web content that you or any other person accesses via this product.


Any one found illegally copying any part of our products or media will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with no exceptions. Rewards may be given for any information on such acts regarding our products.


You expressly understand and agree that your use of the services is at your sole risk and that the services are provided "AS IS," "AS AVAILABLE" and "WITH ALL FAULTS."

EXCLUSION OF DAMAGES: In no event shall Deimos™  be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including, but not limited to loss of data or damage to your hardware or software.


Sorry for the delay in posting - RL has gone wild! And now my right hand is in a brace. :/ But! I'm here and working on it.

Enjoy your Deimos TVs!

Friday, September 4, 2015

All Things I Loved

STOVE, SINK, COUNTER: dust bunny.

HOUSE: dust bunny. [RARE; As the Leaves Turn gacha] [FULL KEY] - @ The Arcade!

CHIVES and PARSLEY 2 (on stove)
Sari-Sari [Kitchen Essentials gacha] - @ The Arcade!

APPLE PIE; CARAMEL APPLES (on dinner table)
dust bunny. [As the Leaves Turn gacha] [FULL KEY] - @ The Arcade!

CINNAMON ACORN & LEAF (on dinner table)
ARISKEA [Terre Automne gacha] [FULL KEY] - @ The Arcade!

FRAMES: :HAIKEI: [If I Live in a Hut gacha] [FULL KEY] @ kustom9!

TABLE: Vagabond @ Collabor88!

CHAIR: Trompe Loeil
PUP: {anc} @ Collabor88!

"SOUP of the DAY" SIGN: floorplan. [texture change]

TABLE: :HAIKEI: [If I Live in a Hut gacha] [FULL KEY] @ kustom9!

TELEPHONE: Scarlet Creative [Greenwich Park gacha] [FULL KEY] @ The Arcade

LAMP: Kalopsia @ kustom9!

SHELF: Cheeky Pea @ kustom9!

Annnnnnd two more things from Ariskea at the Arcade! - the wheelbarrow is rare, and the pumpkin batch is a common


I know I said I'd post these credits yesterday, but... if I ever AGAIN say I'll do something after working 12 hours, just slap me in the face. Because I've lied.

Ambition is sometimes not enough. Energy counts for something too.

To apologize, here's an awesome song from one of my favorite bands in the world, Beach House: