Thursday, August 25, 2016

Knowing is Half the Battle

HEAD: fiore / Precious
SKIN: Indigo / Esteva / SPF45
-- available in both SPF45 and SPF55
-- demos available on the MP or @Tres Chic
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
EYES: Venucci x Tres Beau / Eye Packs for Fiore Heads
-- One of the  ONLY eye appliers that work with the latest update of Fiore mesh heads (2.1)
-- Pack includes Black, Brown, Fantasy and Green; each with three shades
-- no inworld store, so buy from this listing
EYE MAKEUPShakeup! / Basic Eyeshadows
HAIR: little bones. / Yuno / The Brunette
-- includes two versions (slim-fit and wide-fit)

DRESS: .:villena:. -  Split Maxi Dress / Bleach Tie Dye Gray - @kustom9! [1]
-- for Maitreya, SLink Physique, SLink Hourglasses and Belleza mesh bodies ONLY! No standard sizes.
-- available in Black, Red, Bleach Tie Dye Black and Bleach Tie Dye Gray
SHOES: Momento. / Zipper Platform Heels [RARE] - @kustom9! [2]
-- For Maitreya and SLink feet ONLY!

NECKLACE: SPELL : / Melisandre's Necklace / Golden & Red
-- No store as of yet but there shall be! I'll update when I get the LM. In the meantime, catch SPELL gachas when they are live at events, such as The Chapter Four.
CUFF: **RealEvil Industries** / MoonFlight Bracelets [3]
-- RE HUDs are a thing of beauty. Always. So I took some pictures of it; see below!
RINGS: :[Plastik]: - / Geoh Rings 
-- HUD allows for FORTY (yes, 40) gemstone and FIFTEEN (yes, 15) metal changes.

SO TINY, SO ANGRY: [Black Bantam] / I Dun Like You Chihuahua / Female Tan [RARE] - @kustom9! [4]
-- As with all Black Bantam / Pink Acid Cutimals, the IDLY Chihuahua is very interactive. You can even name it! I've named mine Beanie. And she says lets out such gems as:
[13:30] Beanie side eyes Aaronax.
[16:05] Beanie wants to go home.
[16:10] Beanie hates Kiana Writer.
[16:11] Beanie is starting to warm up to Kʀɪᴏs Kᴇɪʀᴏᴢ ... not really.
[16:12] Beanie only wants Kʀɪᴏs Kᴇɪʀᴏᴢ for their food.
[16:26] Beanie is not amused by Aaronax.
[18:22] Beanie sniffs Tone Static and then frowns in disgust.

BACKDROP: :HAIKEI: [gacha; commons]
CHAIR and PHOTO BOX: :HAIKEI: - @kustom9 [Make You Feel gacha; commons]

HANGING LIGHT and POTTED TREE: Ariskea @Collabor88 (light); @faMESHed (potted tree)
PHOTO WALL ART: Kalopsia @kustom9!






Like That


HEAD: CATWA / Amelie [1]
-- This is an exclusive head! Please read the ad carefully; it contains dates!
SKIN: *YS&YS* / Danana / Tone04
-- Applier includes skins in five brows (including browless)
-- Applier includes six eye makeups, six lipsticks and three freckles/moles styles
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
EYES: .ARISE. / Dor Eyes / Brown - @Enchantment (Theme: Oz) [2]
EYE MAKEUP: Shakeup! / Basic Eyeshadows
LASHES: .: Mai Bilavio :. / Webby Lash
HAIR: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair / Gigi / Browns
-- includes two versions (both pigtails in front of shoulder; one in front of shoulder)
-- includes fits for CATWA, Fiore, LeLutka mesh heads and default/system heads

TOP: imbue. / loose embroided top / grey [3]
-- for Maitreya, SLink Physique and SLink Hourglasses mesh bodies ONLY! No standard sizes.
-- available in Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy and Peach
SHORTS: imbue. / fringe shorts / grey [4]

SHOES: [VALE KOER] / Fairytale Platforms

STANDING: {La Baguette} / Risoto

STOOL: Kalopsia @kustom9! [5]
PLANTERS: Ariskea @faMESHed! [6]









Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Girl and Her Sphynx

Hi guys and gals!

I can't believe it's been over two months since I last posted to Coffee and Flowers! After Indie Teepee ended, there were still a few loose ends that needed tying up. I forgot that, which is totally naive and unreasonable. THEN, I took a position at MadPea as a Marketing Assistant! I'm talking immediately after Indie Teepee. So I've been all over the place, and dear C&F suffered a lack of content!

Once I feel that my feet are on solid ground, I hope to post more regularly.

Now that I'm done with the Chatty Kathy things, here's some news:

SKIN: INSOL / Tea / Chocolate - @ The Crossroads Event!
-- Applier HUD includes two freckle styles in both brow and browless versions.
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Zodiac Eyes / Chocolate
-- includes system and mesh eyes
EYE MAKEUP: Bossie. / Bold Eyeliner Set
HAIR: LeLutka / HF04 / Browns
LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Lena Lips 
BODY TATTOO: *Bolson / Sagmeister
-- Appliers included: Belleza, Maitreya, SLink, TMP and WowMeh

DRESS: .:villena:. / Shirt Dress / Khaki - @uber!
-- for Maitreya, SLink Physique and SLink Hourglasses mesh bodies ONLY! No standard sizes.
-- available in Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy and Peach

NECKLACE: Kalopsia / Full Moon Necklace / Eclipse [gacha; RARE]
RINGS: [MANDALA] / Sinra Rings - @Collabor88!
-- ENDS MAY 31st! 
PURSE: United Colors / Fringe Bag / Black
LEG CHAIN: Eclat / Princess Leg Chain
-- for Maitreya mesh body ONLY!
-- available in silver and gold

KITTY: [Black Bantam] / Sphynx Cat - @Collabor88!

STANDING: {La Baguette} / Basic Poses; Miel Poses

-- new store LM will be provided this month at this location.
CHAIR; FRAMES: :HAIKEI: - @kustom9 come August 15th! [gacha; commons]